Hey peeps!!!

Everyone is trying hard to keep things keeping up. Planning tours now is like looking into a foggy and frosted mirror. But hey, no one will give up and things have to keep going (Deja Vú) and the rock has to roll.

Therefore we are really pleased to announce new The Rumjacks dates in Poland, Austria, Czechia and Germany:

17.11.20  AT / Vienna / The Rumjacks  Arena w/ The Cloverhearts 

18.11.20  CZ / Prague / The Rumjacks Futurum             

19.11.20  PL / Poznań / The Rumjacks Klub u Bazyla w/ The Sandals                       

20.11.20  PL / Gdynia / The Rumjacks  Klub Muzyczny Ucho w/ Molly Malone´s           

21.11.20  PL / Warszawa / The Rumjacks Remont w/ Molly Malone´s      

22.11.20  PL / Zabrze / The Rumjacks  CK Wiatrak w/ The Sandals

23.11.20  PL / Kraków / The Rumjacks Klub Zaścianek                      

26.11.20  DE /München / The Rumjacks Feierwerk           

27.11.20  DE / Schweinfurt / The Rumjacks Stattbahnhof    

30.11.20  DE /Hamburg / The Rumjacks Knust St. Patricks Rock Week Tour 2020 w/ The Rumpled           

01.12.20  PL / Zielona Góra / The Rumjacks  Kawon Piwnica Artystyczna w/ The Sandals   

Ghost Town coming !

We tried to be positive and keep the shows up and running.
Now all whats left is to sing a song, which describes the situaiton the best:

This town is coming like a ghost town
All the clubs have been closed down
This place is coming like a ghost town
Bands won't play no more.........
The Specials

Next weeks german shows on The Rumjacks tour got canceled today, due to the Corona threat.
16.03.2020 DE München Feierwerk canceled
17.03.2020 DE Berlin SO36 canceled
18.03.2020 DE Hamburg Knust canceled
20.03.2020 DE Schweinfurt Kulturhaus Stattbahnhof canceled

You can keep the tickets to see the band in fall on these dates:
26.11.2020 DE München Feierwerk
27.11.2020 DE Schweinfurt Kulturhaus Stattbahnhof
29.11.2020 DE Berlin SO36
30.11.2020 DE Hamburg Knust

So lets pray to St.Patrick, the irish god of drinking culture, for a Day, when we come together again and celebrate !

The little good news is: The Rumjacks play an acoustic set today in Pullman City / Eging am See at the Irish Festival !!
To be followed by a full electric set tomorrow, sat. the 14th in the same location, the Western Town !!!

Muttis Booking & The Rumjacks

Untill further notice - so - here comes further notice:
The country of Poland closed its borders now, so The Rumjacks cannot enter to play these shows for you !
The Netherlands aka Holland decided to pull all shows above 100 people.
Sorry, all the polnish and the Amsterdam shows of The Rumjacks are not happening now.
We are working on new dates for all of them.
In Poland it looks like we will be there in november then, more news asap !

Still all the german shows are on and we do have plenty of space in the venues, since the tickets sales all stalled around 300 tics
So you will be able and are welcome to buy them at the door on the showday !

Stay healthy - in sick times !


We say no success is our success - so most of the shows we book are attracting less than 1000 people.
So our GERMAN, DUTCH, POLNISH shows will NOT BE CANCELED ´til further notice.

Unlike the shows in Austria, Switzerland and Czech Rep, which are under these states new rule and law, to call off shows off more than 1000 tickets.

If you got tickets for any of the big shows and now you are looking for fun and music in dark time, why not join one of our shows, we got plenty of space in the small clubs and a healthy invoirement ;-)  - Let´s end paranoia and hysteria!!!

Let´s POGO !!!
.....and wash your hands......


Hey all you thirsty Punkrockers. Here´s some great news.

The Rumjacks will play Pol´and´Rock Festival.


Hey there!!!

After  nearly a week of bad and good news ( that´s life, i guess) let´s try to get into a more simmered down mood here!!!

This weekend our brothers The Offenders will play the Lekuek Festival in Gernika on the 07.03.´20. Damn, for me it´s too far away.

Also The Rumjacks start their nomad life again in Germany next week in Stuttgart Universum on the 11.03.´20!

Ladies and gentlemen, stay healthy and see you somewhere around!!!



Hey peeps!

Due to health problems the germany dates have to be canceled this year. NO!!! It´s not because of corona but Rob needs a surgery. We´re lookin´ forward to 2021 when The Last Gang will hit the roads of europe!!!

All the best Rob, get well soon!!!