"This song is about what it means to be a small business owner or entrepreneur and the hardships and victories you endure.
This song is about what it means when you're hanging on by a thread.
This song... It means a lot to us.
And we're very happy to get this out today."

Here's our video for 'Bankrupt', a song of our record
"If We're Losing Everything".

Come and hang out with us here:
04.11.2016 DE / Kiel / Die Kieler Schaubude w/ Abramowicz
05.11.2016 DE / Dusseldorf / The TUBE w/ Abramowicz
06.11.2016 DE / Essen / Anyway

17.11.2016 DE / Koblenz / Circus Maximus w/ Abramowicz
18.11.2016 DE / Trier / Exhaus / Trier w/ Abramowicz, Milliarden, Lulu & die Einhornfarm
20.11.2016 CH / Solothurn / Kulturfabrik Kofmehl w/ Abramowicz
21.11.2016 DE / Mainz / Kulturcafé Campus Uni Mainz w/ Abramowicz + Fights And Fires
22.11.2016 DE / Stuttgart / Goldmark's w/ Abramowicz
23.11.2016 DE / Dresden / Chemiefabrik Dresden (Chemo) w/ Abramowicz
24.11.2016 DE / Leipzig / die naTo w/ Abramowicz Tickets
25.11.2016 DE / Hannover / Béi Chéz Heinz w/ Abramowicz
26.11.2016 DE / Berlin / Monarch Berlin

02.12.2016 DE / Chemnitz / AJZTalschock w/ Idle Class, Rivershores, Lamplighters
03.12.2016 DE / Walsrode / JUZ Walsrode w/ Idle Class, Rivershores, Lamplighters
04.12.2016 DE / Osnabrück / Substanz w/ Idle Class, Rivershores, Lamplighters

15.12.2016 NL / Amsterdam / Winston Kingdom
16.12.2016 NL / Tilburg / Extase Tilburg
17.12.2016 NL / Utrecht / dB's


Hang on to your hats Berlin...
'cause Japan's most fearsome Jet-Rock'n'Roll beasts have come crashing into town!

That's right, Guitar Wolf is blasting through on their "Yojouhan Strikes Back Tour" and TONIGHT (17.10.2016) they are destroying Wild At Heart in Kreuzberg-Berlin!

Plus, as if that isn't enough, they'll be supported by Mr Sinister Kris's newly revamped Cramp-rocking trio, Sinister Kris Combo!

This is one show you DO NOT want to miss! And make sure not to miss the following shows as well:

18.10.2016 DE / Stuttgart / Goldmarks
19.10.2016 DE / München / Strom
21.10.2016 DE / Würzburg / Immerhin

Ladies and Gentlemen,
For your listening pleasure, MUTTIS BOOKING proudly presents:

Bitter Grounds
( www.facebook.com/BitterGroundsBand )

Check out their latest video below, "Strung Out", for a taste of their upcoming full-length album. It's coming your way soon on CD and vinyl from Ring Of Fire Records (DE) and Bad Granola Records (UK)!

They also happen to be serving up a strong dose of punk, ska and dirty reggae TONIGHT at LE CACTUS BAR in Le Quesnoy, FR with Prince Ringard + R2S and TOMORROW at LE BARABAO in Bailleul, FR with Grabuge! Don't miss out!

>>> event page friday: www.facebook.com/events/819019831531637/
>>> event page saturday: https://www.facebook.com/events/1204818322872215/

Be sure to take a peek at our bands on the road this weekend to see what's headed your way and from all of here at Muttis:
Have fun, be safe and CHEERS!


-14.10.2016 FR / Paris / La Flèche d’Or w/ Less Than Jake + Big D and the Kids Table
-15.10.2016 CH / Winterthur / Gaswerk w/ Less Than Jake + Big D and The Kids Table
-16.10.2016 NL / Amsterdam / Melkweg w/ Less Than Jake + Big D and The Kids Table

band page: The Bennies - www.facebook.com/thebenniesband


-14.10.2016 FR / Le Quesnoy / Le Cactus Bar
-15.10.2016 FR / Bailleul / Le Barabao

band page: Bitter Grounds - www.facebook.com/BitterGroundsBand


-14.10.2016 DE / Potsdam / Archiv

band page: Larrikins - www.facebook.com/larrikinsband


(!!!CANCELED!!! - due to illness - ersatz band: DOLLARS FOR DEADBEATS) 14.10.2016 DE / Wien / Seewinkel Noise Factory D.I.Y Festival

band page: NH3 SKA/CORE - www.facebook.com/nh3skacoreband

Hallo Freunde!
Hass - sind heute der Tip des Tages.
Es stehen für 2016 nur noch diese beiden Shows auf dem Plan. Also nicht verpassen - Karten holen - Konzert genießen!

28.10.2016 DE / Karlsruhe / Alte Hackerei

29.10.2016 DE / Augsburg / Kantine Augsburg

Das wird schön!! Bis dahin! Wir sehen uns!

The weekend is here and we here at Muttis Booking are proud to announce a new addition to the family:

Saudia Young serves up the finest in Noir-billy, R&B, and classic Rock'n'Roll. Check out her video for "The Wobble" and keep an ear out for her sultry sound , which we'll have coming your way soon! >>> facebook.com/saudiayoungfanpage

Also, be sure to check out all the awesome Muttis Booking bands below that are ON THE ROAD NOW and coming to a town near you!

Have fun, be safe and CHEERS!

----------------------- ON TOUR NOW -----------------------

08.10.2016 UK / Newcastle / O2 Academy Newcastle (w/ Less Than Jake + Big D and the Kids Table)
09.10.2016 UK / Glasgow / O2 Academy Glasgow (w/ LTJ + Big D)

( The Bennies - www.facebook.com/thebenniesband)

07.10.2016 DE / Lübeck / Treibsand
08.10.2016 DE / Dresden / Chemiefabrik

( Hass - www.facebook.com/hass.punkrock )

07.10.2016 DE / Frankfurt / Das Bett
09.10.2016 GR / Athen / Ska Fest

( The Offenders - www.facebook.com/theoffendersofficial )

Hello folks! Hope you a had a great weekend.

We have the first festival announcements for 2017!

ANTATTACK FESTIVAL, Neukirchen - 22.04.2017
The Real McKenzies will come to Europe to celebrate their 25th Birthday with all of you!
& the great Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club will be back as well to play at the ANTATTACK FESTIVAL with other bands like Rogers, Love A & Mr. Irish Bastard !

Get you tickets here:

Stay tuned for more!!

After a couple of great shows together we happy to announce that two fantastic bands are going on a full tour this winter.

Ladies and Gentlemen: COPPERSKY x Abramowicz

04.11. DE Kiel, Die Kieler Schaubude
05.11. DE Braunschweig
06.11. DE Essen, Anyway
17.11. DE Koblenz, Circus Maximus
18.11. DE Trier, Exhaus / Trier with Milliarden
20.11. CH Solothurn, Kulturfabrik Kofmehl
21.11. DE Mainz, Kulturcafé
22.11. DE Stuttgart, Goldmark's
23.11. DE Dresden, Chemiefabrik
24.11. DE Leipzig, die naTo
25.11. DE Hannover, Béi Chéz Heinz
26.11. DE Berlin, Monarch Berlin
02.12. DE Chemnitz, AJZTalschock *
03.12. DE Walsrode, JUZ *
04.12. DE Osnabrück, SubstAnZ Osnabrück *
15.12. NL Amsterdam, Winston
16.12. NL Tilburg, Extase Tilburg
17.12. NL Utrecht, dB's
* with Idle Class, Rivershores & The Lamplighters

This tour is proudly presented by: Getaddicted | Visions | DIFFUS Magazin | Uncle M | Sparta Booking | Ashdown Engineering | Sportklub Rotter Damm | Balbex drumsticks (official)

Tickets: www.uncle-m.com